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Candle in a jif!

June 14th, 2012 Posted in Crafts

This project is quick and so easy your kids can do it.  All you need is an appropriate jar (small-medium… Jiff peanut butter jar works great), a tea candle, food coloring and decoupage glue.  Pour around 2 tblsp of glue into jar and add food coloring of your choice.  Mix well.  Close jar and shake/roll in in your hands  to distribute glue evenly over inside of jar.  Open and place upside-down on paper towel to dry and drain any excess glue.  Place candle inside and tada!  You can also use clear glue like Weldbond to add flower/scene cut outs to the outside of the jar. DO NOT ADD PAPER CUT OUTS INSIDE JAR NEAR FLAME!

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