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Read before you click!

February 27th, 2013 Posted in Business

Everybody needs to be very diligent with their individual information. There are a number of new e-mail scams out there, read and check before you click.

Even if you do click, be very careful before you answer any questions if you have the least bit of doubt close the page and call the institution that sent the message at a phone number that you have. DO NOT USE ANY number that the message provided. Fixing a stolen identity is not any fun. Always read completely before clicking.

Only Knowledge Changes Your Fate – by Michele Burier

February 21st, 2013 Posted in Business, Finance Tips

This is from the NY Times dated 2/17/2013. It is a quote from Mrs. Cao a Chinese peasant “Only knowledge changes your fate.” With all of the resources we have at hand no one should claim that they can not get information and knowledge to properly manage their finances, it just takes work and desire.  Remember know one cares more about your money then you!

–Michele   mburier@netzero.net

Stay Organized & Save Time this Tax Season

February 5th, 2013 Posted in Business, Finance Tips

Well you are probably starting to get forms in the mail or over the internet that are needed to do your tax return.  Put everything in a safe and secure location along with any other supporting documents that you may need.  NEVER throw any papers away till after you are all done and you definitely know you do not need it.  Tax forms are available over the internet at irs.gov and aslo at your local library plus the many on line services.  If you use an on line service, remember to read everything very carefully,  Make sure that your information such as ss number is going to be safe.  Check the company with www.bbb.com before using them.

— Michele Burier & Laura Wendorf

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