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A note from Dale at DaleKeating.com

March 3rd, 2013 Posted in Business, Crafts

My name is Dale Keating and I am writing to let you know about a free giveaway. I am a self-published author and artisan and have recently published “CANDLE SCONCES; A STEP BY STEP GUIDE”. It is a full color stained glass pattern book for glass crafters of all levels. There are 16 stained glass candle sconce patterns and it has over 122 photos and diagrams detailing each step so even a novice can make a sconce. Customers are always looking for something new and I know they will love these unique designs! (Please see the attached PDF for more information.) I have never seen any other book or even on-line patterns that are similar to the designs offered in this book. They are also perfect for silver backed glass and many of the patterns incorporate bevels, etching, and beads.

It just so happens I kept all 16 sconces that were photographed for the gallery and currently they are just gathering dust on my wall. So I’ve decided it makes much more sense to give them away to stained glass shops to use as a display. Unfortunately I only have 16 so it will be first come first served. If you are interested in receiving a display sconce I may be contacted by email or through my website. All I need is proof that you purchased at least 3 books and you must have an actual retail shop that sells stained glass supplies. I will mail out the sconces at the end of March.

Wholesale suppliers D&L Art Glass Supply (1-800-525-0940) and Rainbow Art Glass (1-800-526-2356) now carry my book and other distributors have expressed interest so don’t be shy to ask your favorite supplier for a copy. I will be updating the wholesale contact list on my website “Press Room” page periodically to make it easier for you to obtain a copy.


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