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The Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care

September 26th, 2013 Posted in Educational Forum

flag003The Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care is supposed to be available starting Oct. 1 2013. Right now you can go to the website healthcare.gov and sign up for information by e-mail as it becomes available. Not having total faith in the government I used a secondary e-mail address rather then my primary e-mail. From reading articles and talking to people who have no health insurance I have heard that in Volusia county we will have a choice of six companies with three or four plans in each. All plans are supposed to include prescription coverage, and doctors visits. From the healthcare.gov website you will be directed to set up your market place account. I have done the market place account again using my secondary e-mail. To do the market place account you will have to create an account name and a pass word plus answer 3 security questions. So give yourself enough time for all of it. By doing your market place account now you will be ready for Oct. 1 so that if all goes well with our government you could have health insurance on Jan. 1, 2014

Orange City Council Meeting…. Please come and support

September 24th, 2013 Posted in Crafts

Here is a post about the Colin’s Anderson Orange City Skate Park…Please take a minute and if you can, also attend the meeting tomorrow night. I am!!
Tomorrow night I will be attending another City Council meeting… The Mayor called me the other day to inform me that our local chapter of VIA (Village Improvement Agency) wanted to choose CDP as their local organization to help this next year I will be letting the Council know about this wonderful news as well as ask them to give us a more concrete promise of Coleman Park as a final destination of Colin’s Dream Park I NEED AS MANY PEOPLE THERE WITH THEIR CDP SHIRTS AS POSSIBLE TO SHOW UP AND SHOW THEIR SUPPORT!! So far we have not had a showing of support at the council meetings, and I understand how busy we all are… But this one is important, this is where the council will decide if they want to promise us that land we very desperately need. Thanks for all you do!!

Call for Actors and Dancers!!!

September 23rd, 2013 Posted in Educational Forum, Local Events

Gateway Center for the Arts

Today and tomorrow- Sept. 23 & 24

Auditions for 

The Masque of Beauty and the Beast

by Michael Elliot Brill

Directed by Erin Bond


Masque of Beauty and the Beast 



6:00 pm dancers

6:45 actors

Be prepared to read from the script….

dancers arrive comfortably dressed for movement


Gateway Center for the Arts, 880 N. Hwy 17-92, Debary, FL 32713


September 19th, 2013 Posted in Educational Forum

Gateway Center for the Arts




First Lecture September 19

10:30 am 


Thursday, September 19    Syed Ahmed, M.D.
“Frontline Diagnosis”


Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, will host a free eleven week forum to educate the public concerning movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and other nerve related motor disorders. Caregivers and those interested in learning more about the subject are invited to attend these presentations.  Refreshments will be available.

 Future Lectures:

September 26    Hendrick Dinkla, M.D. “Confirming Diagnosis and Plan of Care”


October 3           J. Roger Accardi, Pharm. D “Current and Most Updated Medications”

October 10         Sara Humbert, R.D., L.D. “Nutritional Support and Deficiency Awareness”

October 17         Loren Fish, L.C.S.W.  “Emotional and Spiritual Issues of Movement Disorders”


October 24         Corey Shenk “Home Care and Durable Medical Equipment”

October 31         Chris Lechmaier, D.C. “Chiropractic Care and Motion Disorders”

November 7       Roxanne Hopkins, P.T. and Lisa Walley, O.T.R. “Maintaining and Regaining Strength”

November 14      Lisa Marie Addams,M.A., C.C.C-S.L.P. “Maintaining and Regaining Communication”

November 21    Charng-Shen Wang, A.P., M.A., P.T. “Managing Pain with Acupuncture and Therapy”


880 N. Hwy. 17-92, DeBary, FL  32713
logo group



Youth Workshops for the Holidays

September 19th, 2013 Posted in Crafts, Educational Forum, Events, Local Events

Gateway Center for the Arts


Youth Workshops for the Holidays

at the Gateway Center for the Arts!  


 2 Week Metal Sculpture Workshop
Instructor: Bob Patterson
Wednesday    3:30 – 5:00pm
Ages open – October 9/16
Design your own metal holiday sculpture with tealight.
Lifetime keepsakes!
Tuition: 2 week $20 members/$24/non-members
4 Week Pottery Fall Workshop

Instructor: Jim Brown
Tuesday    3:30 – 5:00pm
Ages open – Starting 10/1, 10/8, 10/15,10/22
Create a wonderful lit clay pumpkin. Pieces will be
fired and glazed.
Tuition: $40/members
Additional firing fee: 8″ pumpkin – $3    15″ pumpkin – $7
3 Week Pottery Ornament Workshop

Instructor: Jim Brown
Tuesday    3:30 – 5:00pm
Ages open – Starting 11/5, 11/12, 11/19
Create an ornament that will last a lifetime!
Tuition: $20/members  includes firing fee and materials
Fused Glass Ornament Workshop with Vera

Instructor: Vera Rekstaad
Tuesday    6:30 – 8:30pm
Ages open – November 7
Create a “one of a kind” glass ornaments with Dichroic glass for the holidays with Vera.
Price: $30/m  $40/nm for 2 ornaments
$15 Material Fee
2 Day Holiday Mosaic with Vera

Instructor: Vera Rekstaad
Wednesday/Thursday    3:30 – 5:00pm
Ages open – November 13/14
Learn how to mosaic and create a timeless treasure.
Tuition: $45/members   additional $12/materials

Call 386-668-5553 or visit our website at gatewaycenterforthearts.org for more information  
logo group
                                                 Gateway Center for the Arts

880 North Highway 17-92, DeBary, FL
386-668-5553 or visit gatewaycenterforthearts.org

Market is up!

September 18th, 2013 Posted in Business, Finance Tips

stock-market-apps-for-ipad-iphoneWell the market is up again. Do not become complacent. Remember what goes up also goes down. Be very aware of the price you buy at and remember the price you buy at dictates your profit.

Easy & Fun Embellished Serving Plates

September 12th, 2013 Posted in Crafts, Recipes

lugn-plate__0089822_PE222882_S4A great trick for any holiday serving table is to take your basic, plain dinner or serving plate and using stiff icing glue candy to the rim of the plate.  Just select the candy and colors based on the holiday.  Candy corn works great for Halloween!

Learn from the past…

September 11th, 2013 Posted in Crafts

Remember it is not how much you earn, but what you do with what you have earned. Learn from your past to improve your future. One of my most useful investing tools is a small spiral notebook, I write down what I doing in the market and why. This helps to make me think before I act.


Art of Poetry – FREE at Gateway Center for the Arts in Debary

September 11th, 2013 Posted in Educational Forum, Girl Stuff, Seniors, WholeSum Thoughts

Gateway Center for the Arts

The Art of Poetry

with Shireen Violett


Thursday September 19

2 pm



Come listen to Shireen as she discusses the art of poetry and breaks it down into the following components: 


-Art Defined

-Poetry Defined

-Types of Poetry Genres

-What do all gifted poets have in common?

-Where to start

-Why Keep a Journal?

-How To Write a “Life Poem”

Shireen will also read from her current book of poems and discuss sharing your own Life Poem, as well as resources and how to get your poems published.

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