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Orange City Council Meeting…. Please come and support

September 24th, 2013 Posted in Crafts

Here is a post about the Colin’s Anderson Orange City Skate Park…Please take a minute and if you can, also attend the meeting tomorrow night. I am!!
Tomorrow night I will be attending another City Council meeting… The Mayor called me the other day to inform me that our local chapter of VIA (Village Improvement Agency) wanted to choose CDP as their local organization to help this next year I will be letting the Council know about this wonderful news as well as ask them to give us a more concrete promise of Coleman Park as a final destination of Colin’s Dream Park I NEED AS MANY PEOPLE THERE WITH THEIR CDP SHIRTS AS POSSIBLE TO SHOW UP AND SHOW THEIR SUPPORT!! So far we have not had a showing of support at the council meetings, and I understand how busy we all are… But this one is important, this is where the council will decide if they want to promise us that land we very desperately need. Thanks for all you do!!

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