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The Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care

September 26th, 2013 Posted in Educational Forum

flag003The Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care is supposed to be available starting Oct. 1 2013. Right now you can go to the website healthcare.gov and sign up for information by e-mail as it becomes available. Not having total faith in the government I used a secondary e-mail address rather then my primary e-mail. From reading articles and talking to people who have no health insurance I have heard that in Volusia county we will have a choice of six companies with three or four plans in each. All plans are supposed to include prescription coverage, and doctors visits. From the healthcare.gov website you will be directed to set up your market place account. I have done the market place account again using my secondary e-mail. To do the market place account you will have to create an account name and a pass word plus answer 3 security questions. So give yourself enough time for all of it. By doing your market place account now you will be ready for Oct. 1 so that if all goes well with our government you could have health insurance on Jan. 1, 2014

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