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Becky Mason & Kathi Truba Weekend!

May 14th, 2012 Posted in Crafts, Events, Girl Stuff, Jewelry

Check out these changeable ring topper and mixed media bracelet classes coming up in June.  The lampwork class with Becky Mason is on June 9th and Kathi will teach the mixed media bracelet on June 10th.  I may have a show on the 9th but i will drop in at the end at the very least and on the 10th I will be bringing along  ALL my beads, stones and goodies for extra fun in your bracelets.

Here’s a link to the bracelet class: Kathi’s BraceletAnd here’s a link to the Changeable Bead Topper class: Becky’s Bead(REMEMBER TO SCROLL DOWN!.)
Please write a comment if you plan on attending.

Candle Holder or float candle

May 5th, 2012 Posted in Crafts

Floating Candle holders

What You Need:

Glass Canning Jars
Raffia or Twine
Floating Candles
Stickers or decals (optional)
How to Make It:

Tie raffia or twine around the mouth of the jar.  You could also use ribbon.

Fill your jars with water – either at one level or at different depths for visual interest.

Float your candles.

Decoupage Canning Jars

What You Need:

Canning Jars
Mod Podge
Stickers or decals (optional)

How to Make It:

For the outside: Brush the back of your fabric with mod podge and affix to jar.

Brush backs of flower photos with mod podge. Decorate outside of jar with decals if desired.

Layer on.

Brush with mod podge all over jar. Use a damp cloth to remove excess.

Allow to dry and add another coat.

For the inside: Add mod podge to backs of flowers and press into place. Fill with rice or white sand and add a pillar candle.

Use photos or old newspapers clippings any kind of patterned paper or decals that fit your theme.

Orange City Crafting Club

April 11th, 2012 Posted in Crafts, Events, Jewelry, Seniors

This is a great opportunity for locals to get together and share/learn new crafting techniques.  The club will poll it’s members for what suggested classes they would like to see.  Then, all members will be given opportunity to vote for their favorite.  Whichever one wins will be hosted by the club in or near Orange City, FL.  Joining the club is simple and inexpensive at only $10 a year for our first year.  We will be using the website http://crafters.wholesum.net to request member votes for upcoming projects.  We are trying to get enough members and to start in May so please sign up today to show your interest and let us know what class you’d like to see.  Here is a link for payment options to join today:

Join us!

Check this blog for future posts on some of the suggested classes and find out what artists will be teaching!

Fringe Chain, Crystal and Pearl Necklace

April 3rd, 2012 Posted in Crafts, Jewelry
Silver Fringe & Dark Pearl Necklace This fun necklace is made up of many Swarovski clear crystal elements.  The iridescent hearts are accented with sterling silver spirals and all elements have been hand wrapped in sterling to secure them.  The blue black pearls are hard to see in this smaller image.  Click on the image to see a close up view.  This necklace can be created for you using elements and colors to compliment your ensemble.

Orange City Farmer’s Market

March 29th, 2012 Posted in Events

Fridays from 8am till 1pm at Hwy 17/92 and Graves Avenue.  New pendants, teas and Keurig K-cup system for just $115.  Many new items like:

–   Commemorative plates and bowls customized with your color choice, personal photo and details.
–  Fringe, Crystal and Pearl necklace.  Let the fun begin!
–  Party favor friendship bracelets -cord wrapped and leather accented $3 – $5 each
–  New stone and sterling pendants and earrings made with Green Crab Agate Swirl, Dodger Blue Sea Sediment Jasper and Carnelian.
–  Boro Blossoms  – new production from Nick – you have to see these….boy is he getting good!

Market special from Glassic Arts in Deland, stained glass sea horses and sea shells as well as a beautiful stained glass vase accented with metal and feather.  Stop in to try our special lemonade at the Orange City Farmer’s Market.

WholeSum Crafters!

March 27th, 2012 Posted in Crafts

A new club is forming in Orange City for all local Crafters.  No matter the medium you like to work in, come join us to rekindle your creative  spark.  The club will meet online thru the use a blog and a voting page or two to determine what project they would for an upcoming class.  That selection will then create a vote on which Artist the club would like to hire for the class. Check back for more information concerning dates, location and sign-up.  Register on this blog for future updates and posts.

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